About Us

Fox6 & Stilllife are the image studios owned by Rekha Ganesh Bharadwaj & Ganesh Bharadwaj (Gopala Rao Ganesh).

Our expertise in photography and films are in Advertising, Product, Table-tops, Fashion, People, Model portfolios, Architecture, Interiors, Industrial, Editorial, e-commerce, 360 panoramas… Whatever your brief maybe, we promise to work with you to bring it into sharp focus.

We consider a lot of things when we put a team together; we know that certain factors must be in
place for a satisfactory final result. Here, we carefully consider specialty, talent, temperament and personalities. This method is to ensure that the right people are happily working together for the greater good. Good energy is what we look for on our team members.

Our extensive network of professionals are always available to fill the necessary positions; image editors to post production professionals, voice over pros, hair & makeup artists, stylist for props and wardrobe, set designers and builders, photo assistants, digital technicians, location management and others.

Rekha Ganesh Bharadwaj hails from Coorge, Karnataka. Born and brought up amidst the evergreen coffee lands, she is a professional classical dancer and a Guru. An avid nature lover, she took to photography at a very early age, dabbling in photography and the written word. Rekha has been a keen landscape photographer from the start. She now works on people, editorial, portraits and abstracts. She works both in the studio and at location. Her works has been exhibited at various places and has been well received. She is a regular columnist/ contributor to various magazines writing articles and poems.

Ganesh Bharadwaj is a graduate from Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts-Mysore University, majoring in Photography and Photojournalism. He has been working with various design studios and advertising agencies creating thousands of images for various advertising and marketing collaterals, both print and web.

"During my career, I have had to evolve in each and every advent with every in technology and creative technique. It is such an exciting and challenging time to be in the industry. The break-through in the digital era has revolutionized photography as an art form. It has also bought photography and image
manipulation to the masses. Digital in some ways made it easier to be a “photographer”, but it still takes a certain level of skill and understanding to truly master the craft."